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The first agreement between the authorities of Nizhny Novgorod region and the company was made when the first factory was built in August 2008. At that moment the company Onduline Group was given tax benefits in the amount of 94 million. rubles for a period of 46 months, but as for the land lease benefits for construction, they were not given. Then the representatives in Russia bought out the Gorky auto plant and the site on the bank of the Oka river. But production did not begin until 2008. The factory is calculated on 15 million. square meters per year, or 7.5 million. sheets per year. The investment amounted to $750 million. rubles.

In the Russian real estate market the rate of construction of new buildings and constructions is slowly beginning to increase. In this case refers to roofing materials, which are necessary for low-rise complexes. Experts said that now we have almost reached the level of projects in the pre-crisis period. So perhaps in the near future the rush for the company’s products will be felt. Andrei Verkholantsev, a senior analyst at MintYardCapital, stressed the possibility of such development of the situation. According to statistics for 2009, demand has already increased by 15 – 20%, in 2010 it increased by another 10%, in 2012 another increase of 6 – 7% is planned. But even then we will not reach the pre-crisis level of demand.

The possibility of using the company’s materials in the construction of sports facilities for various events is not excluded. According to Eugene Botka, general director of the Construction Information Agency, all products are designed mainly for the average consumer. This is both an advantage and a disadvantage. On the one hand, the materials are available to any level of consumer. On the other hand there is no high level of consumers, as the brand is not “elite”. It is not even about the quality, which, it should be noted, claims to the maximum consumer sympathy. For example, compared with cement slate, the company’s roofing materials are more expensive. But keep in mind that cement slate is harmful. The company can compete only with domestic manufacturers of materials for roofing (metal roofing tiles, shingles, slate, etc.). д.).

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