North Korea is thinking about increasing its nuclear arsenal

The Agence France-Presse news agency reports that North Korea is not only not going to give up its nuclear weapons, but may instead increase its nuclear arsenal due to the growing threat from the United States. As it became known, this was said at a regular meeting of the UN General Assembly by the Deputy Foreign Minister of North Korea – Pak Kil Yong.

Thus, a representative of the North Korean Foreign Ministry said that as long as aircraft carriers of the United States are near the borders of North Korea, there can be no talk about reducing nuclear weapons. He also added that under the given circumstances DPRK should, on the contrary, build up the nuclear arsenal. According to this diplomat, “This is a lesson North Korea has already learned.

Recall that in 2005 North Korea announced that it had built nuclear weapons. One year later, the first tests of the new type of weaponry took place. It is worth noting that at this time there is no reliable information as to how many nuclear warheads and weapons delivery vehicles the DPRK army possesses. In May this year, Pyongyang’s leadership officially announced that it had mastered the fusion technology that makes it possible to create a hydrogen bomb.

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