Norms of the density of the demographic load.

When calculating the city’s size, the proportion of recreation facility attendants in the total number of city-forming personnel is taken differentially for the various zones of. This is caused by the different proportions of the two main groups of workers in each of these zones: those employed directly in recreational facilities and in industrial and municipal service enterprises. In addition to these two groups, the total number of city-forming personnel also takes into account permanent construction personnel, workers of external transport and reserve staff amounting to 5% of the total contingent.

The specific weight of the servicing group in the total number of the population of these towns is about 40%, which is determined, on the one hand, by the specific character of the zones of mass recreation and resorts (limited scope of places of employment) and, on the other hand, by the relatively small size of these settlements and, accordingly, a low specific weight of the servicing group (12-15%).In the suburban conditions of most large cities, the creation of such centers and the resettlement of recreation zone personnel in them can be successfully accomplished on the basis of existing small towns located in the territory or in close proximity to the recreation zones being developed. Now most of these settlements do not have a sufficient urban base, which results in low economic activity of their population and considerable labor resources. Specialization and development of these cities as recreation centers is one of the real and effective ways of their economic revitalization and revitalization. In addition, the creation of such centers is economically profitable for recreation areas. Calculation of principle schemes shows that the resettlement of workers in recreation areas in cities with a population of 5 to 25 thousand. residents compared to the system of settlements staff per 1 ths. of residents yields after 10 years of operation savings of 8 to 17% in total costs (construction and operating costs) for housing and amenities.If you need to buy furniture to order, then I want to advise you to visit the site Edlazar. ru. I used their services and was pleasantly surprised.

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