London suffers losses.

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The organizers naively thought that with the completion of preparations for the London Olympics all the problems will fade into oblivion, but it was not so. The games themselves are no less exciting or problematic. The most often discussed topic of the Olympic Games, as well as of any other competitions, is of course the topic of unbiased referees. Unfortunately, these games give a lot of food for public discourse, and they often carry a hint of political overtones of any judicial decisions. Take, for example, the silver medal for American gymnast McKayla Maroney, who fell during an exercise. Or the highly questionable removal of Russian track and field athlete Vladimir Kanaykin. But if all the problems of the Olympics were limited to the problems of the judging, it would be much easier for the organizers to live.

A huge miscalculation of the organizers of the Olympics, which will arouse for a long time is the economics. The financial calculations looked strange from the very beginning. The estimate for the Olympics was revised several times, and varied from the cheapest to the most expensive. The official figure was more than fourteen billion, and it looks very overstated for a fairly developed London. Which has not a bad experience with large-scale sporting events.

Although if the organizers of the games had said that they had managed to defray the costs through an influx of tourists, the force of the accusations of wasted money during the crisis would have been considerably weakened. British Prime Minister David Cameron says Britain will be able to benefit from the sporting event to the tune of more than $20bn., within the next four years.

But, the games are coming to an end, and the bank accounts still show a sad state of affairs, in terms of attracting money from tourists. This gives a good reason to think about the payback of the event.

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