Innovations of the capital’s new mayor

Today, a new mayor took over the running of the city of Moscow. And immediately after the previous mayor, the city of Moscow began to make quite strong changes. For example, in front of most of the metro station they removed the tents which sold all kinds of consumer goods. The mayor began to deal closely with traffic jams. For example, on Tverskaya Street today you will hardly be able to park your new Renault Kangoo, because thanks to the transformations that the new mayor is leading there is prohibited parking on the carriageway, and on Tverskaya Street there are wreckers, which by their very sight, exclude the possibility to park cars on the roadway.

In addition the mayor Sobyanin started political reforms in the field of migration and providing jobs for Muscovites, which is certainly correct on his part. It is high time to stop that invasion which is coming to Moscow. According to unofficial data, Moscow has already become the largest city in the world, with a population of about 25 million people. Further implementation of such a policy could lead to a more professional attitude of people to business, and exclude the cheapening of labor, especially where it is not allowed at all.

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