In St. Petersburg there will be an exhibition of paintings by Stallone

From October 27 to November 27 this year in St. Petersburg in the Mikhailovsky Castle will be an exhibition of paintings of the famous American actor Sylvester Stallone. The announcement of the exhibition can be seen on the official site of the Russian Museum.

The passion for painting Stallone appeared 35 years ago during his college studies in Switzerland. His first exhibition of his works written in the styles of expressionism and impressionism, was held in this country in 20011.

Previously Stallone has repeatedly said that the occupation of the painting attracts him much more than shooting a movie. However, painting is not the only hobby of the film actor. He follows fashion. In the spring of 2011 he announced the launch of a line of men’s clothing, which will appear in collaboration with Sly Inc.  Stallone commented on his new hobby saying that after gaining some experience in life, he could claim to understand psychology. So the actor simply knows what can work and what cannot. In his opinion, it is clothes that are the first step to creating an image.

Michael Henry, president of Sly Inc., Stallone said that the creation of the first collection of clothes the actor was inspired by the images that were created specifically for his main characters – Rambo and boxer Rocky. Representatives of the company stated that the main idea carried through the entire menswear collection is the duality hidden in every man. If you look at men, you will find something of a gentleman in all of them, and something of a rebel.

Recall that Stallone’s fame was brought by the boxing drama titled “Rocky”, as well as the multi-series action movie “Rambo”. Having played in the 1982 film “Rambo – First Blood,” Stallone earned $ 8 million. The collected results for all years, including 2012, showed that the total box office of the films in which Stallone participated, is about 3.7 billion dollars.

Stallone proved himself not only as an actor, but also as a screenwriter and director. Stallone himself wrote the script for the first part of the “Rocky”, for which he received an Oscar in 1976 in three categories: “Best Director”, “Best Film” and “Best Editing”.

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