Gabe Watson will be retried for the murder of his wife

Australian authorities deported an American citizen who had murdered his wife on their honeymoon. So the Associated Press news agency reports that on Thursday, November twenty-fifth, Gabe Watson, thirty-three, was flown to the United States on a Melbourne to Los Angeles flight. From there he would later be transported to Alabama and put on trial.

Arrestee’s wife, Tina, died back in 2003. It happened eleven days after their wedding. The woman, who was twenty-six years old at the time, drowned while diving with her husband in the Coral Sea on Australia’s northeast coast.

The circumstances of Tina’s death were investigated by the police for several years. As a result, in November 2007, the investigation announced that her husband was a suspect in the woman’s death. According to the Australian police, Watson may have killed Tina in the hope of obtaining insurance money from a travel agency.

Last year Gabe Watson, who had remarried, flew to Australia to take part in the trial. Then, during the trial, he admitted to deliberately disconnecting his wife’s oxygen tank, then forcibly holding her underwater until Tina suffocated. As a result, an Australian court sentenced Watson to eighteen months in prison.

However, American authorities found such a sentence unreasonably lenient and decided to try Watson again. Thus, at this time the court has charged him with murder for profit.

In turn, the Australian government agreed to extradite the prisoner to the Americans only after they were promised that during the trial in the U.S. the prosecution would not seek the death penalty for Watson.

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