French Budget Minister Cahuzac resigned at his own request

French Budget Minister Jerome Cahuzac has resigned after being accused of tax evasion. The message of the Elysee Palace stressed that the civil servant leaves his post at his own request.

The successor of Cahuzac is Bernard Cazneuve (former Minister of European Affairs, the official representative of the election campaign of François Hollande). Ex-Minister of Labor and Employment Thierry Repentin has been given the duties of Cazezac. According to experts, the circumstances of the minister’s resignation will have a negative impact on the popularity of the Socialists government. Complicating the situation for President Hollande is the positioning of G. Cayuzak, as one of the most zealous fighters against tax evaders. In December of last year, the French media reported that Zh. Cahuzac until 2010. An undeclared account at the Swiss bank UBS, from which funds were later transferred to a bank in Singapore. As evidence, the French prosecutor’s office has an audio recording of the former minister’s voice. Paris prosecutor’s office suspects Cahuzac of using a Swiss bank account to conceal part of his income from tax services. Following the results of the pre-investigation, the French prosecutor’s office has sanctioned a judicial investigation against retired Minister Jerome Cahuzac. This is the first high-profile scandal in the French cabinet. Previously, Jerome Cahuzac has repeatedly categorically denied any accusations against him, stating that the “secret overseas account” case was fabricated. Law enforcement authorities authenticated the recording and identified the voice of former minister.

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