Elephant attacks jeep in South Africa

The totally unprovoked elephant attack in the Kruger National Park came as an unpleasant surprise to Johann Lombard, an experienced professional guide who has spent the last 23 years of his life organizing and leading safari tours.

Johannes Lombard has seen a lot in his 23 years as a tour guide, but all his previous experience pales in comparison to what one elephant did during Lombard’s guided safari tour in Kruger National Park in South Africa. The tourists drew the attention of a group of elephants, and suddenly one of the elephants rushed toward the group, crashed into a jeep and overturned it, which made a lasting impression on the safari participants, who had not expected such aggressive behavior from the elephant. The entire episode was filmed and uploaded to YouTube, so you can witness it too.

First one elephant moved toward the jeep and then stopped abruptly, followed immediately by a second elephant. But the third elephant in the group didn’t stop like the first two, and rushed toward the jeep, in spite of all Lombard’s attempts to get him to stop in “elephant language”. Obviously, words like “no, no,” “well, come on, move!”Easy, easy, easy” and “hey, hey, hey” do not work when you need to stop an elephant from coming at you!

Mark Skogmo of JukinVideo, who posted the video on YouTube, confirmed that the Jeep overturned but was otherwise undamaged. “Despite the lack of any provocation by the campers and the necessary precautions taken, the elephant not only approaches the jeep closely, but flips it over with a sharp full-body blow,” reports a JukinVideo spokesperson. “Fortunately, none of the passengers in the jeep were injured, and the elephant girl also ended up leaving the scene of the accident without any injuries.”.

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