Civil society development can provide new social doctrine

Modern Ukrainian society is characterized by social apathy, high level of distrust towards authorities and social initiatives which may actually change the existing state of affairs and lead to a higher social level.

Citizens of Ukraine today face numerous personal and societal problems, which contributes to a heightened disbelief in a better future.

Creation of the new social doctrine can help to solve global issues of the Ukrainian society development, promote development of the country, lead to a higher level of welfare of all its citizens.

Creating a social doctrine program could provide an appropriate evaluation of the social situation at the moment. It will also be able to establish the main directions of essential social changes, to define the principle methods of social development in the long-term perspective with the realization of the concrete goals. For its creation there will be outlined technologies of the necessary changes, described expected effect of such actions, the key aim of which is civil society formation in Ukraine.

Well-being of our citizens and creation of outlook models, which guarantee favorable social climate for Ukrainians, are the main tasks of the social doctrine. For this necessary social transformation, social cohesion must be created and the potential for trust must be built. In this way we will lay the foundation for qualitative changes on the way to building a civil society.

Today, big business is fully aware of the need for action in this direction. For this purpose he proposes to unite with the state so that to lay the basis for new legislative changes, which will promote the effective investment from business in charity and social policy of the country, raising and developing Ukraine, bringing it to a higher position in the world arena.

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